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Since 1991, we have been behind the production design (set, lighting, and video) elements of some of the most popular tours to hit the road.  Check out some of our featured clients...



“They Don’t Know” Tour Production Design

For this project, we oversaw full set, lighting, and video design.  The focal point of this show was based around hexagon shaped lighting, video, and scenic elements.  Mix in some automation, some great lighting fixtures, and some pyro – this was one of our favorite projects.

06 Miranda 2014.jpg

“Platinum” Tour Production Design

The whole concept of this tour was based around the album title: “Platinum”.  As we focused on full production design of lighting, video, and scenic elements, we made sure to put a lot of shine and glitz on all of the visuals.  This landmark tour featured a lot of visual bells and whistles, with a lot of heart behind it.


“Native” Tour Production Design

Coming off of their hit single, “Counting Stars”, this tour featured a lot of fun play with shapes and geometry.  Working through the full production design of the tour, we played a lot with the shapes of video walls, lighting pods, risers, and other elements.  This tour spanned several years and morphed along the way as the venue sizes continued to increase with their popularity.

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