Lighting Consoles

CLLD has MA Lighting GrandMA2 Lite, GrandaMA2 Command Wing packages, High End Systems Road Hog, and Road Hog Full Boar lighting consoles as well as Hog3PC Widgets available for rental. Our GrandMA2 consoles are consistently updated to the latest software versions, and our High End Systems consoles all operate Hog 3 software. All console rental packages come with external monitor, battery backup, and other necessary peripherals. Contact us for pricing and availability!

Catalyst Media Servers

The Catalyst media server is the top of the line in its field. With over 16 layers of video mixing capability, it is sure to be able to meet your entire media playback needs. Our Catalyst media server racks are all fitted with high-powered Mac Pro tower units, and come with over 1500 clips of content to get you started. Check on pricing and availability today!


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