A smooth design process is essential to the success of a show. When designing a show, we follow this basic process:
  • Meet with the Artist and/or Management to discuss concept; including all budgeting and logistical factors
  • The initial design is submitted
  • If applicable, design revisions per Artist/Management notes
  • Final design submission
  • Creation equipment manifest, plots, and build paperwork
  • Price/bid out the design
  • Choose vendor and review specifications with them
  • Spot check initial system build
  • Show/Tour programming
  • Rehearsals
  • First show!

Because of the amount of time involved in the design process, we charge a design fee that covers all of the items listed above. Design fees are negotiated before the design process and vary based on several factors including: size of the tour, time frame to complete design, amount of days programming, etc.

We proudly use WYSIWYG for all of my design projects. It allows our clients to see a detailed rendering of what the production will look like.


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